Business intelligence software can assit organizations in ways they didn’t think possible. Here’s how companies are using business intelligence to help both their staff and clients.

Process Unstructured Data

Aflac has acquired the Hadoop Appliance to handle their unstructured data. The new technology provides the ability to cross-reference many data points.

Improve Employee Performance

Business intelligence can help managers decide which direct reports need immediate attention. Clearlink, a digital marketing firm, uses business intelligence to create real-time reports that extracts the types of calls they get from customers, the person taking the call, and the predicted value of that call.

Lipari Foods uses business intelligence to create order selector ranking reports that bring in data from their warehouse management system and time clock-in to rank employees daily based on their performance. This data helps management reward top performers without having to develop reports.

See Trends in Real-Time

With business intelligence, Skullcandy tracks customer and product profitability in a Sisense analytics cube that’s updated daily. Their reports used to take hours to build so it was only availably monthly. Now they’re able to quickly track profitability and identify positive or negative treads in real-time.

Improve Customer Service

Skullcandy is also using business intelligence to detect customer dissatisfaction. Analytics helps them determine the benefits of investing in product improvements by looking at their warranty claims. Business intelligence analyzes text descriptions of the problems to highlight issues their customers are reporting and see how often this issue happens. They use the data in the reviews to discover what their consumers like about their products, how they want them to improve, and how they compare with competitors.

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