SAAS stands for Software as a Service. It can be as complex as completely automating your workflow or as simple as a new app to make a part of your job easier. However, a reoccurring issue in companies is that employees often sign up for SAAS without talking with their IT administrator first. Thus, it’s becoming more difficult for businesses to contain security risks. Here’s what your company can do.

SAAS Money Account

Your IT team can collaborate with your finance department to create a SAAS money-spending account for your employees. Your IT team will be able to track of what apps and software are being bought in real time.

Permission System

Create a system where your employees can easily request apps and software. This 1) gives your employees and IT team a peace of mind and 2) allows your company to see what sort of assistance your employees are actively seeking.

Track Usage

Roughly 10% of employees can still access accounts from their former jobs. By tracking app and software usage, your company can ensure that only current employees have access to your business’ accounts. It’s also important to have a SAAS termination process.

Monitor Behavior

By tracking app and software usage, your company can also monitor suspicious behavior, such as one identity accessing an app from two different countries.

Research Apps

Not every app or software will infect your business with viruses, but some SAAS may not be appropriate for your company. For instance, apps with extensive authorization scopes have the ability to completely modify all users’ files. This can be a dream come true for a hacker.

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