Workflow and Automation

At Li9, we have the skills and experience to guide you on your infrastructure automation journey.

We have a seasoned team of strategy and implementation experts who leverage proven methods, and their experience with Agile, DevOps, Containers, and APIs to help transform your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient, with reduced costs, limited business disruption, and decreased risk.

Increased time to market

Li9 will help you to automate all the routine processes. Li9 experts will analyze the current infrastructure and execute processes audit, will design, and implement the new automation infrastructure and make your team onboarded.

Everything as Code

We help you automate all your current processes, migrate the old home-grown scripts to efficient automation solutions, provision all the necessary resources and deliver by pressing one button.

All the domains

Li9 expertise covers all the IT-domains, which helps Li9 experts to know how to prepare the automation in the most efficient manner, and automate all possible processes for Storages, Compute, Networking and Security domains.

Managed Services

The Li9 team will focus on your IT and development efforts on extending capabilities for modernized core applications. Li9 team will assist you with day-to-day maintenance, security, performance tuning, and more to ensure long term success for your initiatives.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is the foundation for building and operating automation services at scale, providing enterprises a composable, collaborative, and trusted execution environment. It meets customers where they are in their automation journey, bringing them a flexible automation platform to facilitate success from multiple points in their IT infrastructure.

HashiCorp Terraform

Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code software tool that provides a consistent CLI workflow to manage hundreds of cloud services. Terraform codifies cloud APIs into declarative configuration files. Terraform allows you to write infrastructure as code using declarative configuration files, it allows you for concise descriptions of resources using blocks, arguments, and expressions.


Build and sustain high-performing teams with our flexible and customized training and knowledge transfer programs. To reap the benefits of DevOps and Agile, the development of your people is absolutely key. That is why we offer in-depth, custom-built training aimed at equipping your teams with vital skills that enhance their competency and professionalizing the state of the practice.


From comprehensive Agile workshops and DevOps training, to hands on training on setup and configuration of various tools, we can provide the expert assistance and dedicated help that you need to ensure your teams keep pace with modern environments.