About Li9

Li9 Technology Solutions helps companies to optimize their existing IT infrastructures, leverage multi-cloud environments, and build DevOps infrastructures that modernize and automate application development.  Li9’s strategies and architectures enable businesses to transform their IT service delivery to help them accelerate innovation and application delivery.

Li9 brings together Dev and Ops by providing strategy and architecture for a DevOps infrastructure that leverages leading Open Source solutions.  With an extensive array of elite technical certifications and credentials, Li9 is recognized by partners for commitment to excellence and its focus on delivering business focused IT Solutions.

Our DevOps solutions are architected to be cloud-independent infrastructures to ensure that applications can be developed consistently in multi-cloud environments.  This is accomplished by leveraging solutions that operate independently and consistently across multiple public and private cloud solutions.  Another key Li9 design requirement is that all DevOps solutions are automated and definable through coding and scripting.

Li9 Solutions portfolio of best in class technologies and services has provided companies with the competitive advantage to deliver business services fast, at scale, and more effectively.  Our customers include multiple Fortune 500 companies across a number of industries.

Li9 Solutions Portfolio

Application delivery is the ultimate value of IT to end-users.  Li9 architects integrate a number of Open Source technologies to create DevOps environments to meet customers specific requirements, modernize application platforms, drive agility, speed up the development processes, and optimize team collaboration.

  • Automated Provisioning of Virtual Resources and Container Environments
  • Agility through Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Automated Development to Production Pipeline
  • Increased Application Lifecycle Testing Coverages
  • Security Included in all parts of DevOps Processes
  • Architecture and Planning for Day 2+ Operations

Li9 has been on the forefront of the shift to the software-defined data center and infrastructure automation in hybrid multi-vendor cloud environments. The combination of traditional IT operations expertise and real-world automation experience position Li9 to uniquely deliver holistic cloud solutions for complex business processes.

  • Cost Assessment of Public and Private Cloud Options
  • Zero Downtime Cloud Migration Services
  • Consistent Applications Infrastructures across multiple Cloud Solutions
  • Software Defined Networking and Load Balancing
  • Consistent Automation and Management Tools across multiple Public and Private Cloud solutions
  • Complete Infrastructure as Code Solutions

Automation is key to optimizing Traditional IT and integrating with modern Cloud and DevOps environments.  Software Defined high-availability solutions provide excellent options for replacing higher-priced proprietary hardware solutions.  Li9 works closely with customers to simplify and standardize infrastructure while improving performance, security and availability.

  • Improve the ability for review Security reviews  of Infrastructure Changes combined with Application Development Security Reviews

  • Automate Management of Servers, Storage and Networking

  • Consistent Network Security across Multiple Cloud environments

  • “White Box” Software Defined Storage and Network Solutions

  • Hyper-Converged Server, Storage, and Network Solutions

  • Lower cost onsite Server virtualization

Li9 Leadership

Art Othon


Art joined Li9 in 2015 to provide leadership in establishing Li9’s strategies and goals that deliver IT solutions with true business value.  He is responsible for setting vision, leadership and ensuring that Li9’s culture continues to attract the best and the brightest minds.

Under Art’s leadership, Li9 has become a premier provider of advanced solutions and consulting services for information management, with deep industry expertise in DevOps, Cloud Computing, and IT Optimization. 

Armando Arias


Armando Arias is the founder of Li9 Technology Solutions.  He works closely with CEO Art Othon and CTO Artemii Kropachev in establishing goals and strategies.  Armando is responsible for managing Li9’s operation and customer relationship teams.

Armando’s extensive industry experience includes technical and leadership positions at Bank of America, US Airways, Hitachi Data Systems, and Hewlett Packard.  He graduated with a Master’s in Business from Arizona State University.  

Artemii Kropachev


Artemii Kropachev Profile Image - Li9 Technology Solutions

Artemii is responsible for Li9’s technology direction.  Artemii leads the Architects and Engineers for Li9 in the design and implementation of IT solutions worldwide.  Artemii insures that Li9 is focused on forward looking technologies that provide measurable business value.

Artemii  has an extensive IT experience, and is an expert in multiple IT disciplines involving Open Source, DevOps, CI/CD, Automation, Cloud and large-scale implementations. 

He has a proven track record of solving customer business problems with technology solutions through proper planning, flexible execution, and excellent customer service.

Li9 Partnerships

Li9 Architects continuously researches and validates Open Source Technologies to bring multi-vendor integrated solutions and reference architectures to our customers for rapid implementation and value delivery, using hybrid environments.

Li9’s architecture services provide strategic, unbiased advice about infrastructure strategies and technologies supported by unmatched industry knowledge and capabilities.  Li9 provides services to help companies modernize and automate IT by implementing, integrating and operationalizing best-in-class technologies, and automating end-to-end business processes.  Each step of our Architect, Build, and Run methodology produces deliverables that support and guide organizations throughout the project, and our unique consultative approach focuses on enabling sustainable customer success.