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About Li9

Li9  works with companies  to optimize their existing IT environments, determine the proper hybrid cloud combination,  and build DevOps infrastructures that modernize and automate application development, deployment, and operation.  Li9’s solutions focus on open source, automation, security, cloud neutrality and cost effectiveness.  

Li9 accomplishes this by investing in people and alliances.  Li9 has a number of employees that understand the challenges of the modern dispersed IT organization and the need to identify the business value of our clients’ IT investments.  Li9 has architected and implemented solutions across all industries, from DevOps POCs to completely automated datacenters.

Li9 provides our client with solutions from architecture, implementation, and turn-over, to as a completely managed services, whichever best serves our customers’ goals and requirements.

In addition to understanding our client’s goals and strategies, Li9 invests in alliances with vendors, such as Red Hat, AWS, Google, Gitlab, Juniper, NGINX, Sophos, and Supermicro, that are focused on open source, automation, security, cost effective infrastrcutures.  Li9’s Alliance Partners include: