Automating system security and compliance with a standard operating system.

October 31, 2019



Security and reliability are often the most crucial, time-consuming challenges for organizations.  Businesses are constantly putting strategic goals on hold to deal with unexpected challenges with system availability, stability, and data integrity. Traditional, manual efforts to isolate and remediate issues divert resources away from innovation.

To address risks before they affect business operations, organizations need vulnerability insights to characterize emerging exposures across a large portfolio and to predict and mitigate reliability risks before they occur.  Add in auditing or compliance reporting requirements, and traditional approaches might fail to scale.  Businesses need a new approach to address these exposures that minimizes the impact on innovation and productivity.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Increase security and stability of systems by turning manual processes into automated workflows.
  • Create a seamless, repeatable approach for maintaining Linux systems at scale. 
    Optimize your environment while mentoring your team on automations tuned to your needs. 


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