Li9’s experts have vast experience working with the industry’s top cloud platforms and technology vendors to create solutions that meet our clients’ business and technology goals

Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds

Li9’s  cloud consulting services and solutions will reduce your IT costs and eliminate many of the frustrations associated with maintenance, upgrades, licensing and hardware, allowing you to focus on what matters most- your business. Li9’s expert advisory model allows customers to utilize the entire portfolio of cloud solutions in ways that best fit their specific technology requirements and business goals.  This strategy encourages the development of cloud infrastructures that sustain business growth, while ensuring that competitive advantages are gained, and maintained.

Li9’s advisory model utilizes best practice matrices that lead to repeatable and successful cloud-based deliverables.  Li9’s business framework provides for research, analysis, mentoring, developmental, and operational support elements, all contained within an enterprise-scale DevOps business construct.

Li9’s Architects provide clients with knowledge transfer simultaneous to the architecture and implementation services that are provided, to insure that clients are able to maintain their own cloud infrastructures, ones that create a more agile,  industry-relevant environment that increases organizational ROI, and reduces overall IT cost.

Cloud Solution Components Include:

  • Benefits, Enterprise Goal-Setting, Infrastructure Feasibility and Readiness, Functional Resources Alignment, ROI/TCO Validation
  • Administrivia and Necessary Security Controls, Security Technologies and Operational Assessments, Tools and Topologies, Necessary Remediations
  • Readiness Assessments, Cloud-based Topological References, Capabilities, Road-mapping and Planning
  • Necessary Cloud POCs and Pilot Programs, Employment of Holistic Automation, Hybrid Cloud Applications, Cloud Migrations
  • DevOps Implementation and Methodological Constructs
  • DevOps Maturity Assessments and Automated Development Services
  • Cloud Operations, Service Management, Systems Disaster and Recovery Planning

How Li9 Helps Their Customers

DevOps Assessments

Assess the current state of your capabilities and your readiness for change during this brief but in-depth engagement that gives you a roadmap with specific, tangible recommendations for realizing your objectives.

Training & Transformation

Equip your team with the skills needed to work within a modern DevOps culture. As a Docker Authorized Training Partner, we can also enhance your training programs with world-class content on the Docker platform.

Technical Delivery

Our deep technical expertise helps you move faster and ensures you build it the right way from the start. We build both big and small applications, from a large scale enterprise platform to a one-off Stripe integration. We can supplement your team or provide a full team, as we’re always flexible to our client’s unique needs.