Consulting and Product Services

Drive digital business transformation with our expertise in IT strategy and consulting, integrations, application deployment and implementation, migration, and more.

We have partnered with leading software and cloud solutions to support our customers to achieve innovation and success.

Li9 enables you to maximize the power of software and get the most from your technology investment with a delivery approach that has speed and reliability at its core.   Whether it means facilitating an implementation or an upgrade, integrating systems, or hosting your applications, we can assist you

Why use Li9 as a Consulting and Product Services Partner?

  • Rapid deployment – we help you setup applications the right way, the first time. With our unconventional, simplified approach, we help you accelerate delivery, with no compromise in quality.
  • Reduced risks – you can reduce deployment risks with the help of our experts and validated best practices.
  • Lower costs – we help you achieve lower deployment costs with predictable outcomes based on our proven and repeatable delivery methodology.

Li9 Consulting and Product Services


We align your business requirements with customer demands to build the right solution for you.   Our solution experts provide comprehensive training to help you get the most value out of your tools.


We provide integration solutions and create a collaborative environment to accelerate real business transformation.

Product Sales

Li9 has partnered with leading industry vendors to provide and vetted solutions for Software, Cloud, and Hardware products the we use as part of Li9’s solutions.  We work closely with customers  to evaluate and compare product options and insure that the products will provide expected ROI along with business and technology value. 


We provide you expert assistance to develop migration plans that help you realize business benefits sooner, with no compromise in quality.   With our hosting and managed services, we work with you to maximize the benefits of cloud technologies, resources and services.

Deployment and implementation support

Our proven tool implementation services reduce risk and speed up deployment of critical projects. We also provide continuous support to assist you with any problems.