Customer service support centers are considering using the Cloud to expedite problems and solutions. At the forefront of this is contact center vendor Five9.

Simplifying Customer Service

During Five9’s CXSummit, executive vice president Gaurav Passi spoke about how contact center technology can shift to the Cloud for the benefit of customers. He gave an example in which a customer, “Kate,” notices she’s been overcharged $15 for her subscription. Kate contacts the company and starts an interaction using chat. Despite being logged into her portal, she still must explain the issue and have her account verified. When the employee helping her can’t solve the issue, she’s transferred to a voice call where she must start process all over. At this point, the customer is frustrated and may end up cancelling altogether.

With a Cloud omnichannel solution, all Kate needs to do is start the chat. An employee sees her customer status, can verify the situation without contacting her, and issue the refund automatically. The issue is immediately resolved with makes Kate happy with the company (more likely to recommend them, more likely to stay loyal to them, etc.). With the Cloud, these issues are stored away meaning the company can notice future errors and notify Kate right away if the problem reoccurs. If Kate has other issues she needs to discuss, all other information is already visible to the employee.

Gaining Knowlege

Contact centers that utilize the Cloud will almost become “Google like.” They’ll be able to retain knowledge of who customers are, the products they’ve purchased, what they don’t like, and more. It’ll completely change customer service relations and for the better. The term, “on hold,” will practically disappear.

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