Some small businesses deter from automation out of fear that software will soon replace humans, leading to job loss. But experience proves that automation only helps employees work more efficiently.

Automation Today

According to IBM’s Institute of Business Value report, corporations categorize more than half of their automation as basic process automation. This type of automation includes software bots pulling data from documents and inserting them into a database. According to InfoWorld, automation can vary– generating key topic clips from hours of footage to predicting faults on production lines before they happen.

Replacing or Helping?

For automation to work, it need to be customizable for different jobs and accessible to employees who know how to do their work best. For example, a business can’t just utilize a general “financial services” automation. Instead, they would need a software bot specifically for customer service. The bot wouldn’t replace the employee, but assist them with filling forms and pulling account information to handle issues quickly. Financial advisors, on the other hand, wouldn’t benefit from that bot. They would need software that can analyze market trends and investing projections. Automation couldn’t replace the financial advisor all together.

Automation is meant to only help existing employees.


Major banks have already reduced the need to review loan applications by utilizing automation technology that checks loans for compliance. Hotel companies are using automation to identify guest preferences, such as room location, and verifying their availability to speed the check-in process.

Long Run

Automation is more than just filling forms. AI assistants are constantly learning from data, testing ideas, making predictions, and suggesting new ways to improve and personalize business operations. Automation won’t replace jobs, but create new ones. Our workforce will be able to focus on important tasks and heighten customer/consumer/client experience.

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