GitLab HA DevOps Quickstart

GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application, fundamentally changing the way Development, Security, and Ops teams collaborate and build software.  From idea to production, GitLab helps teams improve cycle time from weeks to minutes, reduce development costs and time to market while increasing developer productivity.

The Li9 GitLab High Availability Quickstart provides customers with a high-availability DevOps CI/CD solution that’s implemented in their own environment and leverages the functionality of Kubernetes to get the full benefit from GitLab CI/CD .  This GitLab Quickstart leverages Architecture and Implementation best-practices that are customized for a customers environment to provide a completely operational GitLab environment implemented on Kubernetes within 2 weeks. 


  •  Infrastructure and Application Development requirements information gathering
  • GitLab Architecture and Design
  • Plan for Implementation
  • Automated Implementation that can be reused by customer
  • Perform GitLab deployment on Kubernetes with customer or sample application
  • Perform GitLab testing
  • Documented Architecture and Processes
  • Knowledge Transfer


  •  Operational Kubernetes Environment
  • Li9 engineers have the required Security access

Supported Platforms

  •  Kubernetes or OpenShift 4.x 
  • Li9 engineers have the required Security access

GitLab Quickstart Process

The Quickstart includes a consulting engagement provided by Li9 Senior Architects, delivered over a  2 week period.

Specific deliverables and timelines will be determined based on customers’ requirements, environments,  and goals.

GitLab Quickstart Service: $12,000

GitLab Premium Software Subscriptions are $228 Annually, per user. 

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