Keys to Innovation in a Multi-Cloud World

Security, Automation, True DevOps and Platform Independence

Li9 modernizes our customer’s IT environments by leveraging our expertise with traditional and emerging technologies.

We combine our expertise with open source and commercial products to create secure and automated best-in-class DevOps solutions that are able to utilize public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Li9 leverages our expertise across 4 key areas: DevOps, CloudAutomation and Security.  Li9 provides strategy, architecture, implementation services, and software sales to national and global customers across all industries.

Li9 Partnerships

Li9 Architects continuously research and validate traditional and emerging Technologies to bring multi-vendor integrated solutions and reference architectures to our customers for rapid, secure implementation, focused on business value

Li9’s architecture services provide strategic, unbiased advice about infrastructure strategies and technologies supported by unmatched industry knowledge and capabilities.  Li9 provides services and products to help companies modernize and automate IT by implementing, integrating and operationalizing best-in-class technologies, and automating end-to-end business processes.

Each step of our Architect, Build, and Run methodology produces deliverables that support and guide organizations throughout the project, and our unique consultative approach focuses on enabling sustainable customer success.

Armando Arias

CEO and President

Armando Arias is the founder of Li9 Technology Solutions.  He currently serves as President and CEO of the organization. He works closely with CTO and Lead Architect Artemii Kropachev to establish goals and strategies and manage Li9’s operation and technology teams.  Armando’s extensive industry experience includes technical and leadership positions at Bank of America, US Airways, Hitachi Data Systems, and HPE.

Li9’s teams specialize in maintaining awareness of trends and innovative technologies that provide customers with digital advantages.  Li9 works closely with customers to ensure these digital advantages are achieved by implementing these key technologies while providing enterprise-level security, availability, scalability, and performance.

Artemii Kropachev

CTO Lead Architect

Artemii is responsible for Li9’s technology direction.  Artemii leads the Architects and Engineers for Li9 in the design and implementation of IT solutions worldwide. Artemii ensures that Li9 is focused on forward-looking technologies that provide measurable business value.

Artemii is an IT author with extensive IT experience and is an expert in multiple IT disciplines involving Open Source, DevOps, CI/CD, Automation, Cloud, and large-scale implementations. He has a proven track record of solving customer business problems with technology solutions through proper planning, flexible execution, and excellent customer service.

Li9 Customers

Li9 Technology Solutions provide companies the ability to optimize their existing IT infrastructures, leverage multi-cloud environments, and build DevOps infrastructures that modernize and automate application development.   

Li9 works with customers to leverage enterprise-class open source solutions that optimize and reduce spending on traditional IT, and invest in products that provide digital transformation to modern IT and tangible business value.  Li9 customers include large IT infrastructures across all industries.

Professional Certificates

Li9 experts keep more than 600 professional certificates across all the Information Technologies areas, including solutions of leading IT field leaders such as Red Hat, IBM, VMWare, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Hashicorp, Nutanix.

Some of Li9’s certification badges are represented below.

Contact Information

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Raleigh Office
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