IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Integrate security tools to gain insights into threats across hybrid, multicloud environments

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is an open, integrated security platform that provides deep insights into threats across multiple environments now and in the future.   You can search for threats, orchestrate actions and automate responses without migrating your data.

Through open standards and IBM innovations, IBM Cloud Pak for Security enables you to access IBM and third-party tools to search for threat indicators across cloud or on-premises locations.  IBM has contributed open source technology used in IBM Cloud Pak for Security and forged relationships with dozens of companies through the OASIS Open Cybersecurity Alliance to promote interoperability and help reduce vendor lock-in.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is comprised of containerized software pre-integrated with the Red Hat OpenShift enterprise application platform. This integration enables it to run on premises and in private or public clouds. With SOAR capabilities included, IBM Cloud Pak for Security allows you to orchestrate and automate your security response.

Gain Security Insights

Connect all your data sources to help uncover hidden threats and make more informed risk-based decisions — while leaving the data where it resides.

Respond Faster to Threats

Orchestrate responses and automate actions so you can better prioritize your team’s time.

Run Anywhere

Install and run the platform in any environment — on premises or on cloud.

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“Organizations have rapidly adopted new security technologies to keep up with the latest threats, but are now juggling dozens of disconnected tools which don’t always work well together. The industry needs to solve this issue for customers by shifting to more open technologies and unified platforms that can serve as the connective glue between security point tools.”

Jon Oltsik
Senior Principal Analyst & ESG Fellow

“As a customer of IBM Security and other security vendors, having a single federated search and integrated cases functionality will result in ohelp my clients.”re effecient threat intelligennce gathering.  IBM Security’s direction will help me help my clients.”

Ronan Murphy
Group CEO
Smarttech 247 & Getvisibilit

“IBM Cloud Pak for Security helps businesses get a grip on the vast amount of security data from a variety of sources and helps in homogenizing this data for efficient analysis with a variety of tools, thus increasing effectiveness of these tools.”

Martin Kuppinger
Principal Analyst

Gartner SOAR. Market Guide

SOAR solutions are gaining visibility and real-world use driven by early adoption to improve security operations centers. Security and risk management leaders should start to evaluate how these solutions can support and optimize their broader security operations capabilities.  SOAR solutions can improve customer’s ability to:

  • Prioritize security operations activities
  • Formalize triage and incident response
  • Automate response


Open Cybersecurity Alliance: An Open Source Initiative for Enabling Improved Interoperability

The number of vendors and products in the cybersecurity industry is skyrocketing. On average, according to ESG, organizations deploy 25 to 49 disparate security tools from up to 10 different providers. That makes for an overwhelming torrent of data and insights.

Choosing the Right Security Platform

The platform you choose today can act as a foundation for your security maturity posture for the next few years and should be chosen carefully. Enterprise security teams are challenged by too much data, too many tools, and not enough resources. It’s time for a different way to unify security data, tools, and teams together in one place.