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Build Once.  Run Anywhere.   Deploying traditional OpenShift Kubernetes runtime environments for IBM Cloud Paks can be complex.   On delivery, IBM Cloud Pak System includes all the hardware and software you need to stand-up and operate OpenShift environments for IBM Cloud Paks on VMware virtualized infrastructure.   Non-specialists can use an automated guided experience to reliably and repeatably deploy OpenShift instances right sized for IBM Cloud Paks in about an hour.

Accelerate your journey to Cloud with IBM Cloud Paks. IBM Cloud Paks are the faster, more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud. IBM Cloud Paks provide turnkey solutions to sell value across our journey to cloud capabilities — specifically in Data, Automation, Integration, Application Development and Management.

  • Full software stack support, and ongoing security, compliance and version compatibility.
  • On premises, on private and public clouds
  • Pre-integrated systems.
  • Easy to set up and use. 

Li9 is an IBM DevOps and Security Partner specializing in providing,  consulting services, with software, services and cloud solutions from Industry leaders, including IBM, Red Hat, GitLab, AWS, Microsoft and others.

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