Incident response versus threat detection automation has been a hot debate in the IT world. However, these forms of automation should not be pitted against each other. Your cybersecurity team needs both to keep your information as safe as possible.

Incident Response

Incident response automation works when an intrusion has been discovered, and once a threat is verified, it does more than just take remediation action. According to industry experts, incident response can be applied to threat detection system alerts and can pinpoint verified threats. Incident response automation basically assumes the role of a trained cyber analyst.

In an ESG survey of one hundred IT and cybersecurity professionals, 62% said they’ve already taken action to automate their incident response processes. 35% reported they’re either currently engaged in a project to do so, or are planning to initiate an incident response project within eighteen months.

It’s key, however, to have incident response automation work side-by-side with threat detection systems, as threat detection systems tend to create a lot of false positive alerts.

Threat Detection

An issue with many organizations it that threat detection is not effective at scale. Its false positive alerts can negatively affect incident response efforts downstream.

While these false positive alerts create downtown, they’re not nearly as important as false negatives, i.e. incidents that should have been remediated, but were never detected. Threat detection automation helps cyber teams discover these hidden breaches, which is why the need for faster incident response is even greater. Threat detection automation directly impacts incident response automation and downstream results.

IT teams need to understand that there’s a linear casualty between threat detection and incident response processes. One needs the other.

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