Managed Cloud Hosting

Li9 Managed Cloud Hosting Service Features

Why use Li9 Technology Solutions as your Managed Cloud Hosting Partner?

  • Eliminate labor-intensive processes – Ease the burden on your team and budget and let us take care of routine infrastructure maintenance, including monitoring, patching, capacity planning and hardware refreshes, so you can focus on value-added functions.
  • Improve cost efficiency – Take advantage of our expertise in cloud technologies to gain access to a scalable, resilient IT environment – architected, integrated and administered by experts in high availability and security.
  • Drive enterprise growth – Deliver improved operational results and spur business growth by providing your teams the freedom and flexibility to launch products and services quickly.
  • Always on – 24/7/365 Service Desk support with monitoring

Achieve agility at scale with cloud hosting services that are flexible, customizable, and cost-effective.

We provide expert guidance, implementation support and managed hosting services to enable an agile, secure and seamless transition to the cloud, with minimal intrusion and optimum business outcomes.

Our cloud hosting services give you the flexibility to focus one hundred percent on your core business, while we partner with you to ensure lower risks, reduced costs, and maximum performance for your organization.

Flexible model

We can move your existing applications to the cloud or provide you with cloud-based software solutions, while ensuring that you retain full control over the configuration of your applications.

Choice of Cloud Solution

With our extensive experience with the top public cloud vendors, AWS, Azure, IBM and Google Cloud Platforms, we can provide you with expertise around the right cloud solutions tailored to your business.

DevOps as a Service

We enable DevOps automation in the cloud, providing continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), containerization, and container management services to improve productivity, quality, precision and speed of delivery.

Service desk support

24/7/ 365 service desk support with monitoring.

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