Many businesses desire to automate. They want to utilize software, Cloud services, and other tech platforms they see their competitors using. They also see hacking and data breech headlines every day, from Facebook to Yahoo. It’s possible, though, for businesses to incorporate IT infrastructure into their practices and minimize risk.

Tested Backups

If your programmers have a new idea to increase efficiency, ensure you have a backup in case the idea goes haywire. Many ideas perform excellently during the test stage and crash once they go live. Both the idea and the backup should be tested. A backup is useless unless you’ve tested to see it works.

Monitoring Tools

By utilizing monitoring tools for your new technology, your business minimizes risk. Antonio Piraino, CTO of ScienceLogic, says monitoring tools need account for “the complex interdependencies between applications and the underlying infrastructure that support them.” One simple way to test your monitoring tools is by turning services off and on to see if they’re reported.

Be Aware of Lock-Ins

Simple Cloud services make switching vendors a breeze. More sophisticated Cloud services, on the other hand, can leave businesses locked in with a vendor. Businesses need to think carefully before choosing IT vendors. Some businesses even decide to use multiple vendors, though managing these relationships does require more effort.

Watch for Insider Threats

The biggest security threat to your new IT solutions is going to always be your employees. It’s vital that businesses track which employees have access to which software and technology platforms. Something as simple as an employee sneaking away with a document can mean devastating effects for a company.

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