A next-gen server is a server with increased processor speed, enhanced management features, and greater energy efficiency. According to industry experts, they’re highly beneficial for small businesses. These servers make management easier, create greater compute power, reduce power consumption, and employ more efficient cooling. All of this results in cost savings of up to a whopping 40%.

Helping Small Business

Smaller businesses tend to have smaller IT teams, and next-gen servers are perfect for them. They save time by making management features easier on IT staff. Next-gen servers provide more control of where the compute is used, and which parts are driving the compute, meaning a smaller IT team can do more with less. Next-gen servers also let IT focus on critical issues because they eliminate a lot of frequent and unexpected maintenance requests.

Saving Time

Servers typically take days to months to move applications from the testing phase to production. With next-gen servers, this process only takes hours. The need to power devices down to move an application is no longer necessary. Moving and updating applications can now take zero downtime, which is useful for both small and large businesses.

A Green Thumbs Up

For businesses that are interested in being environmentally friendly, next-gen servers are the perfect solution. Next-gen severs have a lot of consolidation benefits, and with consolidation comes data center environment changes. For instance, next-gen servers are intelligent enough to power down when possible which reduces the need for constant cooling. This saves data centers energy. They also save space because next-gen servers use fewer servers and still enable more compute.

Thinking About Your Servers

Servers for small companies are just as crucial as ones for larger corporations. At Li9, we’re dedicated to helping organizations utilize technology solutions to help their businesses work more efficiently. Contact us today.