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NGINX Software Defined Load Balancing

NGINX Plus is the only all-in-one load balancer, content cache, web server, and API gateway.  Based on NGINX Open Source, NGINX Plus includes exclusive enhanced features and award‑winning support.



More than 87% of websites now use SSL/TLS to encrypt communications over the Internet, up from 66% just three years ago. End-to-end encryption is now the default deployment pattern for websites and applications, and the explosion in SSL/TLS certificates means some companies are managing many thousands of certificates in production environments. This calls for a more flexible approach to deploying and configuring certificates.

Save time and cut costs.  – The NGINX platform is entirely software-based and runs on any commodity hardware, VM, container, or public cloud. NGINX consistently delivers 80% or more in cost savings and frees operations teams to focus on more strategic business projects.

Complete more projects, faster. –  NGINX ensures companies complete a larger number of IT projects, faster. NGINX products are lightweight, programmable, and designed for modern software delivery. NGINX ensures developers are kept productive, creating production-ready digital services.

Improve user experience. –  NGINX is a lightweight infrastructure that improves the performance of your applications and digital services. NGINX eliminates complex, point-products that introduce complexity and performance challenges, as well as provide application-acceleration technology.

Scale digital. –  NGINX ensures each application has it’s own application delivery controller. Providing per-app granularity ensures each developer or app owner can scale as necessary. IT infrastructure teams are no longer a bottleneck.

Ensure security and reliability. –  NGINX is bullet-proof, proven open source technology. More than 330 million sites rely on NGINX to deliver digital experiences to customers. NGINX provides a secure, reliable foundation for developing and delivering modern apps.

Load Balancer

Extend traditional load balancing with software:

  • HTTP, TCP, and UDP load balancing
  • Layer 7 request routing using URI, cookie, args, and more
  • Session persistence based on cookies
  • Active health checks on status code and response body
  • Service discovery using DNS

Content Cache

Use the same cache that powers the world’s largest CDNs:

  • Cache static and dynamic content
  • Improve dynamic content performance with microcaching
  • Serve “stale” content while revalidating in the background to improve performance
  • Override or set Cache‑Control headers
  • Manage the cache easily with the cache‑purging.

Static Content

Deliver static assets with unparalleled speed and efficiency:

  • Handle hundreds of thousands of clients simultaneously
  • Use up to 90% less memory than other web servers
  • Reverse proxy multiple protocols: HTTP, gRPC, Memcached, PHP‑FPM, SCGI, uwsgi
  • Stream HTTP video: FLV, HDS, HLS, MP4
  • HTTP/2 gateway with HTTP/2 Server Push support

Security Controls

Protect your applications:

  • Request/connection limiting
  • Dual stack RSA/ECC SSL offloading
  • IP access control list (ACL)
  • JWT authentication for APIs and OpenID Connect single sign‑on (SSO)
  • NGINX WAF dynamic module

Dynamic Modules

Dynamically plug in additional features:

  • nginScript module for JavaScript configuration
  • GeoIP modules to locate users by IP address (requires MaxMind GeoIP database)
  • Build tool for compiling your own custom modules
  • Single sign‑on modules: ForgeRock, IDF Connect, and Ping Identity
  • Dynamic modules repository


Diagnose and debug complex application architectures:

  • Monitor NGINX metrics and validate configuration with NGINX Amplify
  • Plug-ins for AppDynamics, Datadog, Dynatrace, and New Relic
  • Extended status with more than 90 unique metrics
  • Built‑in, real‑time graphical dashboard
  • JSON and HTML output for integration with custom monitoring tools