Infoworld recently revealed that Red Hat is among the top three contributors in open source leadership. This news is outstanding considering they have fewer engineers than Google and Microsoft. The company is fully committed to open source, meaning every Red Hat engineer works on open source projects. How many engineers is that? A whopping 2,027.

The news was discovered by Adobe developer Fil Maj who pulled public profile information from 2,060,011 GitHub users that were active (10 or more commits to public projects) in 2017. This is not the first attempt at studying this information.

Past Studies

In October of 2017, developer Felipe Hoffa of Google analyzed GitHub Push Events to see which companies contribute to open source the most. While it was an admirable effort, Hoffa’s estimates were misleading. Maj, on the other hand, analyzed company field and profile information using GitHub’s developer community. His findings provide us a much more accurate data set for figuring out the number of open source contributors of any company.

Other companies on the list include Microsoft who was able to embrace open source through Azure. Amazon impressively comes in at number 6, a strong contributor to developer projects.

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