Red Hat OpenShift Container Quickstart

Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes offers a consistent hybrid cloud foundation for building and scaling containerized applications.  Li9 provides customers with Expert OpenShift resources, knowledgeable across multiple DevOps solutions. 

An Li9 Certified Consultant will architect and deploy a high availability OpenShift Container Platform, provide knowledge on how to use it and advise on best practices for implementing OpenShift application delivery.

OpenShift Quickstart Deliverables

  • Infrastructure and requirements information gathering
  • Architecture planning and discussion
  • Design of the OpenShift Container Platform architecture
  • Deployment of the OpenShift Container Platform with sample application on cloud, virtual, or bare-metal environment
  • Documented architecture and processes 
  • Hands-on knowledge transfer

OpenShift Quickstart Key Benefits

  • Understanding of containerization
  • Understanding of OpenShift in your environment
  • Learn best practices for OpenShift from the experts
  • Get up and running with OpenShift in a sustainable way
  • Provide your team with the tools to make your OpenShift project a success

OpenShift Quickstart Process

The Quickstart includes a consulting engagement provided by Red Hat Certified Architects, delivered over a  2 week period.

Specific deliverables and timelines will be determined based on customers’ requirements, environments,  and goals.

OpenShift Quickstart Services Cost – $14,000

OpenShift Quickstart Software Cost – $7,450

If needed, Li9 recommends at least the following software for high availability

  • Red Hat OpenShift 4 Container Platform
  • 12 x CPUs for 3 x Application nodes
  • 1-Year Subscription, 9×5 Standard Support

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