Red Hat OpenShift 4 Container Quickstart

What’s Included?

 A Red Hat Certified Consultant will architect and deploy a high availability OpenShift Container Platform, provide knowledge on how to use it and advise on best practices for implementing OpenShift application delivery.  Also included are the required Red Hat software subscriptions.  


  • High Availability OpenShift Container Solution
  • Sample Container Application 
  • Hands on Knowledge Transfer
  • Documented Architecture and Processes  

Services – $6,000


    • Infrastructure and requirements information gathering
    • Architecture planning and discussion
    • Design of the OpenShift Container Platform architecture
    • Deployment of the OpenShift Container Platform on cloud, virtual, or bare-metal environment
    • Provide Sample Container Application with selected runtimes
    • Recommended sizing for production environments
    • Knowledge transfer
    • Documented Architecture and Processes 


    Software – $7,450.00 



    • Red Hat OpenShift 4 Container Platform
    • 12 x CPUs for 3 x Application nodes
    • 1-Year Subscription, 9×5 Standard Support


     Key Benefits 

    • Understanding of containerization
    • Understanding of OpenShift in your environment
    • Learn best practices for OpenShift from the experts
    • Get up and running with OpenShift in a sustainable way
    • Provide your team with 

    Quickstart Process 

    The Quickstart includes a 1-week Li9 consulting engagement.  

    • Day 1 – Requirements, Architecture, and Planning
    • Day 2 – Day 4 – Solution delivery
    • Day 5- Knowledge transfer

    Specific deliverables and timelines will be determined based on customers’ requirements, environments,  and goals.

    Contact for more information:

    Kristina Cook

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