Turn-Key Red Hat OpenShift Compact Cluster Solution

Li9, Supermicro and Red Hat have partnered to develop an integrated best-in-class Kubernetes Solution.  It includes Red Hat OpenShift with Data Foundation for persistent storage and integrated with the high-value, high-performance, and high-availability Supermicro Server Platform.  This compact solution gives customers a small-footprint solution that is optimized, tested, and certified for OpenShift with persistent storage.  It provides customers with a low cost of entry into a hardened,  production ready Kubernetes environment.

OpenShift is deployed directly on Supermicro Server bare-metal which allows customers to quickly achieve maximum value and performance by giving container applications direct access to compute, memory and storage resources. The Supermicro server configurations are optimized, tested, and certified for OpenShift.

This solution leverages OpenShift’s ability to run the same container applications in Public Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, or on Bare-Metal, creating a flexible cloud strategy.

Pricing & Deliverables

  • Complete architecture, installation and implementation of a production ready,  high-availability, high-performance and secure Red Hat Kubernetes solution in a customer’s environment within 3 weeks.
  • OpenShift Container Platform, with Data Foundation, expand on Kubernetes’ key dynamic features to remove the need for the underlying  on-premise virtual layer.
  • Container applications have direct access to hardware and are positioned to implement future hardware advances.
  • Kubernetes Solution that is production hardened, tested, optimized and certified to provide customers with a ready to go Kubernetes from trusted vendors.
  • OpenShift  and Supermicro provide a fully redundant, hot pluggable environment server configuration and includes a Spare OpenShift Node.
  • Persistent storage for database and other stateful applications along with support for other on-premise and cloud storage solutions.
  • Li9 will provide a sample database application implemented to demonstrate key OpenShift features in a customers’ environment.
  • Customer IT staff will  have skills to efficiently manage Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform through knowledge transfer, automation and process documentation.

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