Software as a service isn’t reserved for big-name companies. Small businesses can benefit greatly from SAAS. Software services, like automation, can be a life-saver for businesses with a small number of employees because it can essentially do the work of humans. Here’s what small businesses should look for regarding SAAS.


The software you invest in needs to be simple. You don’t want to waste valuable time trying to understand your new software when the whole reason you got it was to make your work-life easier.


Understand exactly how the services the software offers can benefit your business. Don’t assume the fancier the software, the better. Make sure the salesperson explains industry-jargon terms to you.


Voice your concerns and see if the software company responds accordingly. Will the software you’re investing in keep your information safe? What backups does it include?


A good service software will have good reviews. Check out the software’s testimonials and see if any recognizable clients use them.


SAAS companies that offer free trials tend to be more small-business friendly. It means they trust you’ll fall in love with their services and that you’ll able to learn how to use their software in a short period of time.


Look for companies that are completely transparent about their pricing. See if they have their price listings available on their website. Companies that don’t may either be very expensive or have hidden fees.


Just because a product is good, doesn’t mean it’s good for your business. You may not need all the services a software offers; one package may work much better for your small business than another.


Lastly, make sure your software providers have customer service help. Your relationship with the providers shouldn’t stop as soon as you sign the dotted line. If anything, that’s when it should begin. Contact Li9 for expert solutions that meet your business’ unique technology needs.