What We Do

At Li9, we are your trusted partners, technologists, experts and innovators. Our expert architects work with your company to leverage open source solutions to develop and deploy automation solutions that drastically reduce the time it takes to get your products to the customer, all without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Li9’s customers recognize their IT systems as strategic assets and see the value in being able to deliver change efficiently, and with minimal risk to the business. We help IT teams bootstrap the process of continuously delivering value to their customers. This is achieved by implementing infrastructure-as-code, configuration management, operational processes, and monitoring.  Li9 ties this all together with a modern DevOps methodology that focuses on training our customer’s teams in the ‘why.’   We truly offer a full-stack IT consulting service, from based infrastructure, to business operations.

Free Your Organization from IT

We’ll work with your team to plan, create, and deliver a fully-automated release engineering and application delivery solution.

Expert Training & Support

Li9’s unique ‘wingman’ philosophy is all about providing the training, materials, and support your teams need. They’ll be able to deliver more quickly and reliably, and gain the skills they need to continuously improve.

Full-Stack Engineering

Our consultants aren’t just professional business experts, they are experienced engineers as well. We work with your teams to diagnose and address problems at every level of your business, in order to provide a top-to-bottom solution that will allow your teams to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Faster Results

Li9’s primary concern is tying the work we do back to your primary business objectives. That’s why your Li9 consultants will tailor every stage of their work back to measurable results.

DevOps Experts

DevOps, or development and operations, is a term that’s catching a lot of traction in the business world. The Li9 DevOps specialists will work with your team to not only migrate your existing IT systems to secure Cloud infrastructures, but also smooth out the delivery and deployment process behind your systems, all while providing complete support throughout the lifecycle of your environments.

Move Your Business Operations to the Cloud

The question that most businesses face is not whether or not to move to the Cloud, but how to do it.  With Li9 as your technology partner, you’ll discover that moving to the Cloud with ease is the least that you can expect.  Li9 will work with your development and application teams to fast track and automate your processes. You’ll discover a faster, smarter, and more reliable way to build and deliver code and services to your organization and to your customers.


The Li9 Difference

Working with Li9, you’ll not only be partnering with a responsive and expert team of architects, but a consultancy that is focused on relating your technical implementation back to the business objectives.e’ll work with your team to plan, create, and deliver a fully-automated release engineering and application delivery solution.

IT Independence

The Li9 teams work closely with our customers to ensure that they  understand how the solution will be deployed,  and to educate them so that they are able to independently maintain it once it is created.

Speedy Deployments and Releases

With extensive training and clearly defined and understood roles, you’ll find that your business is able to deploy new features and updates more swiftly than ever before.

Growth-Ready Scalability

Li9’s coaching and automation processes will enable your business and your teams to scale with the demand of your product and the needs of your customers.

Li9 Technology

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