Li9 Technology Solutions

Modernize.   Transform.   Advance.

Offering leading IT consulting, solutions and services to drive your IT digital transformation toward business growth, agility and innovation.    Our solutions combine Li9 consulting services, with software, services and cloud solutions from Industry leaders, including IBM, Red Hat, GitLab, AWS, Microsoft, F5 and Google.

IBM and VMWare's Public Cloud Partnership

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions: A Comprehensive Portfolio to Rehost and Modernize Enterprise Workloads in the Cloud

IDC Report June 2020

IBM Security Maturity Review Assessment

The IBM Security Maturity Review is designed to help Li9 Customers  evaluate the maturity of their organization’s security program against benchmarks and best practices gathered from IBM’s customers.

Accelerating Innovation

The fifth annual MIT SMR and Deloitte study of digital business reveals digitally mature organizations don't just innovate more, they innovate differently—leveraging ecosystems and cross-functional teams that play critical roles.

Red Hat Virtualization: The Now and the Next!

 Red Hat Virtualization 4.4, the latest update to a mature and trusted virtualization solution for traditional virtual machine (VM)-based workloads, is now available.

As the established virtualization landscape shifts towards cloud-native technologies, Red Hat Virtualization has continued to provide the ability for businesses to deploy, configure and manage traditional workloads.

IBM Cloud Pak Trial

Accelerate your journey to Cloud with IBM Cloud Paks.   IBM Cloud Paks are the faster, more secure   to move core business applications to any cloud.   IBM Cloud Paks provide turnkey solutions to sell value across our journey to cloud capabilities -- specifically in Data, Automation, Integration, Application Development and Management.

Automated Incident Response

Security, DevOps, Infrastructure Modernization, and Cloud: The Cornerstones of Your IT Transformation

Technology is moving fast and becoming complex, and with that comes change and opportunities.  Li9’s IT service offerings around Infrastructure Modernization, DevOps, Security and Cloud help organizations reduce IT complexities with ease, plan ahead, and prepare for transformation and advancement.

You need the right mix of IT and business strategy, architecture best practices, and integrated implementation and migration solutions to unlock the full potential of your organization and build innovative new products, services and experiences tailored to stay ahead of evolving digital business demands.   Li9 would like the opportunity be your partner.   

Li9 Solutions 


  • Zero Trust
  • Keep Your Own Key Cloud
  • Multi-Vendor Monitoring without Consolidation
  • Artificial Intelligence Enhanced

  • Containers and Microservices
  • Integrated Automated DevOps Pipeline and Infrastructure
  • Continuous Development and Continuous Implementation
  • Integrated Security

  • Automation
  • Software Defined Infrastructure
  • Virtualization combined with Microservices

    • Vendor Agnostic
    • Cloud Migrations
    • Managed Cloud Services
    • Cloud Native

    Li9 Services 


    IT Strategy and Consulting

    We help steer your IT strategies toward Agile and DevOps transition, cloud migration, infrastructure modernization, and process automation for a cohesive digital transformation.

    Consulting and Product Services

    Leveraging our partnerships with leading technology providers like Red Hat, IBM, GitLab, F5, and others, we offer comprehensive services and solutions including license sales, implementation, integration, migration, and more — helping you maximize the power of software for innovation and success.

    Managed Services

    From IT Operations Management and infrastructure migration to workflow automation and optimization and DevOps as a Service, our end-to-end managed services help you become more agile.

    Training and Knowledge Transfer

    With our comprehensive Agile and DevOps coaching and hands-on tool-based user training, you can help your teams keep pace with modern environments.

    Managed Cloud Hosting

    With our managed cloud hosting services across top platforms — AWS, Azure, IBM, and GCP — you can achieve an agile, secure and seamless transition to the cloud, with minimal intrusion and optimum business outcomes.