Li9 Technology Solutions

Li9 works with our customers to understand their business and technology goals.  We use this information to provide  cloud infrastructure strategy, architecture and implementation services.  Li9 provides value by leveraging leading cloud and DevOps technologies combined with our extensive knowledge and experience with business-focused IT infrastructure.

Embrace Remote Work and Remote Productivity

Join IBM experts as they discuss best practices for enabling and empowering remote user productivity without compromising security—and the no-charge products available from IBM Security to assist in this transition.

IBM Cloud Pak Trial

Accelerate your journey to Cloud with IBM Cloud Paks. IBM Cloud Paks are the faster, more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud. IBM Cloud Paks provide turnkey solutions to sell value across our journey to cloud capabilities — specifically in Data, Automation, Integration, Application Development and Management.

Gartner Managed Services Report

Managed Detection and Response Services add 24/7 threat monitoring capabilities to security operations capabilities via an outcome-oriented approach. Security and risk management leaders should use this research to determine if MDR services are a good fit for their goals, use cases and requirements.

The DevOps Culture

Adopting the culture of DevOps isn’t necessarily confined to software development itself, but is equally applicable to IT Ops, System Admins, and other infrastructure teams as well.  Li9 solutions can leverage CI/CD for your application delivery and infrastructure scripts with Terraform and GitLab.  

Accelerating Innovation

The fifth annual MIT SMR and Deloitte study of digital business reveals digitally mature organizations don’t just innovate more, they innovate differently—leveraging ecosystems and cross-functional teams that play critical roles.


Li9 solutions help companies to optimize their existing IT infrastructures, leverage multi-cloud environments, and build DevOps infrastructures that modernize and automate application development.  Li9’s strategies and architectures enable businesses to transform their IT service delivery and help them to accelerate innovation and application delivery.

  • Integrated Application Delivery, Infrastructure Support and Operations
  • Infrastructure as Code to support Dynamic Application Delivery and Production Infrastructures
  • Source Code Management tools that can be used for both Application Delivery and Infrastructure Support
  • Continuous security review throughout the Application Delivery Process
  • Li9 was voted in 10 Best DevOps Providers of 2018 by CIO Application Magazine
  • Experience, expertise and certifications with multiple public and private cloud solutions
  • Cloud Agnostic tools and processes to abstract Application
  • Consistent solutions and processes across Public and Private Clouds
  • SaaS Cloud options for Tools and Infrastructure
  • Certified Architects across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Automated Infrastructure to support Dynamic Application Delivery and Dynamic Production Infrastructures
  • Improved ability for Security reviews of infrastructure changes
  • Software defined Solutions on lower cost Hardware to replace proprietary solutions
  • Alternative Lower cost on-premise virtualization made possible by Automation and Infrastructure as Code

In addittion to having the most Li9 has the most Red Hat certifications of any other Red Hat partner in the US, along with numerous certifications and expertise in Cloud, DevOps, and Automation with multiple leading solution providers.  Please take a moment to fill out this short survey to determine how Li9 may help your organization leverage the latest Open Source DevOps, Cloud, and Automation products to provide true business value.

Provided below are links to recent that Li9 has architected and implemented in large enterprise environments.  Contact Li9 to discuss these solutions in more detail. – 855. 832.4764 .

CI/CD, Automation and Everything as Code

  • Artifacts (Application Components) are ready for production in one week
  • Application provisioning and test durations were time reduced to minutes from weeks
  • Infrastructure test coverage was increased up to 90 %
  • Application Delivery efforts significantly decreased
  • All infrastructure is under version control
  • Application delivery via OpenShift (Kubernetes) and CI/CD
  • VMWare vRealize Automation Services Delivery
  • Fully automated System provisioning and patch management onsite and in Azure

Containers and Infrastructure as Code

  • Average time for deploying a new OpenShift (Kubernetes) cluster and adding nodes to an existing cluster was reduced from 8 hours to 1.5 hours
  • The learning curve has lowered dramatically for the team, enabling more members of the team to provision new OpenShift environments
  • OpenShift Container installation process was automated and turned over to the Infrastructure Team for Day 2 Support, with normal IT operations
  • Configuration Errors were greatly reduced by leveraging Terraform configuration Automation

Automated Content Delivery Network

  • Smooth and stable and smooth IP TV streams
  • Network latency significantly decreased
  • Overall performance increased up to 200% while the number of cache servers was able to be decreased with the optimized network
  • All points of failures were eliminated with key components being at least n+1
  • The project had been implemented for three months, and all clients were migrated to this solution
  • CD Network costs were reduced by over $1.3 Million in the 1st year

Software Defined Network

  • Automated Software Defined Networking (SDN)  solution
  • Reduced support and implementation efforts/costs
  • Improved predictability of Virtual Network Services
  • Ability to orchestrate Virtual Network Functions
  • Automation of common Network Tasks
  • 100% test coverage


Li9 works with customers to leverage enterprise class open source solutions that reduce spending on traditional IT, and invest in products that provide digital transformation and tangible business value.  Li9 Technology Solutions provide  companies the ability to optimize their existing IT infrastructures, leverage multi-cloud environments, and build DevOps infrastructures that modernize and automate application development.   Li9’s strategies and architectures enable businesses to transform their IT service delivery to help them accelerate innovation and application delivery.   Li9 customers include global IT infrastructures across all industries.  


Li9 provides software and services for customers to optimize their existing IT infrastructures, leverage hybrid cloud solutions, and build DevOps Infrastructures that provided secure, automated application delivery and operation.   Li9’s architecture services provide strategic, unbiased advice about infrastructure strategies and technologies supported by unmatched industry knowledge and capabilities.   Li9 leverages technologies from leading partners that focus on Open Source, Security, DevOps,  Cloud, and Automation.

These key technologies are constantly evaluated to insure that we’re selecting the best of breed products for our customers.  Contact Li9 to discuss how these Li9 Partner Solutions can provide value in your environment. – 888.898.5087 .

Red Hat

  • RHEL Linux
  • OpenShift Multi-Cloud Container Platform
  • Ansible Agentless Automation
  • JBOSS Application Plaform



Gitlab devops loop png

  • Integrated DevOps Application Delivery
  • Manage and Optimize Software Delivery
  • Application and Infrastructure Integrated Code Management

Hashicorp Hybrid-Cloud

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Workload Orchestration
  • Service Registry and Discovery
  • Secrets Management


  • Hardware and Software Load Balancing
  • Application and Infrastructure Security
  • Multi-Clloud Deployment


Global Cloud Provider


Global Cloud Provider


Global Cloud Provider


Global Cloud Provider


  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Server and Desktop Virtualization

IBM Security

  • Magic Quadrant Leader for the 10 Straight years
  • See Everything
  • Automate Intelligence
  • Become Proactive
  • Multiple Delivery Options

Arctic Wolf

  • Concierge  Security Team
  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Incident Response and Crisis Support
  • Comprehensive Log Collection and Retention


  • End-Point Protection
  • Cloud-Based Central Management
  • Next-Gen Firewall



  • Hardware & Software Network Solutions
  • Open Source Based SDN Solution
  • Application Management
  • Security

 Sysdig Container

  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Inspection


  • Blade and Rackmount Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking


  • Hyperconverged Infrastrcuture
  • Blade and Rackmount Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking


  • IT Operations
  • Application and Infrastruture Monitoring
  • Event Management
  • Predictive Analytics