Business Advantage Through Digital Transformation

Li9 Technology Solutions works with our clients to modernize their IT infrastructures.    Li9’s strategies optimize  customers’ existing IT environments, leverage the proper hybrid cloud combination,  and build DevOps infrastructures that modernize and automate application development, deployment, and operation.  Li9’s solutions focus on open source, automation, security, cloud neutrality and cost effectiveness.  

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Enterprise Microservices


Red Hat OpenShift  brings Open Source Docker and Kubernetes container solutions to the enterprise.

Application Load Balancing

Li9 leverages NGINX to provide End-to-End Load Balancing with Open Source solutions and lower cost hardware.

DevOps Automation


Red Hat Ansible provides software defined automation across customers’ development and operations environments.

Software Defined Infrastructure


HPE Synergy enables customers  to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and network into any configuration.

NGINX + Signal Sciences

Unparalleled web protection that security, operations, and engineering teams actually want to use.

Software Defined Storage

Red Hat Storage One .  Dynamic,  multi-use, and flexible.  Enterprise storage that can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.


Sysdig Platform

The first unified approach to monitor and secure containers across the entire software lifecycle.


Assess Your Red Hat Skills

Identify your team’s Red Hat skill levels and receive detailed reporting on Red Hat training recommendations.

Li9's Customers

Li9 works with customers to leverage enterprise class open source solutions that reduce spending on traditional IT, and invest in products that provide digital transformation and tangible business value.

We  provide customers with enterprise level solutions that focus on established and emerging technologies.  Traditional IT applications and infrastructure environments are re-architected to take advantage of solutions that provide identifiable business value and measurable ROI.