Li9 Provides Modern IT Infrastructures to Allow Businesses to Focus on Their Applications

Gain Market Advantage through Faster, Secure, and Reliable Software Delivery and Complete Automation

How We Do It

Through Infrastructure strategy, architecture, implementation services, and solutions in partnership with leading vendors to leverage current and emerging technologies.

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We Deliver End-to-End DevOps Solutions

Plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster with our DevOps solutions that help you build and implement continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) systems using the latest industry-proven techniques.

We Shield the Way our Customers do Business.

As your enterprise grows via a DevOps approach it’s important to follow security best practices. Li9 will advise you on selecting the best security products for your environment with the agility and affordability of the cloud.

We Create a New business Value Through Automation

We have a seasoned team of strategy and implementation experts who guide you on your infrastructure automation journey. With leverage proved methods and their experience with Agile, DevOps, Containers, and APIs to help transform your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient, with reduced costs, limited business disruption, and decreased risk.

We Optimize Your Cloud Transition to Catalyze Business Agility and Growth

Tap into the full power of cloud-native thinking with our comprehensive suite of cloud services. Li9 cloud platform tools will help you optimize your workloads to the cloud quickly, efficiently, and affordably, with predictable results.

The Foundation for the Adaptive Enterprise

On-premises infrastructure will continue to play a critical role in the overall transformation of IT and digitization of businesses. Increasingly, enterprises are managing large, complex IT environments that straddle public and private cloud infrastructure.

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Events and Information

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Make the switch to better your IT Infrastructure with Ansible Automation.

Read all the features and product overview here!

GitLab DevSecOps End-to-End Security

Deliver better software faster and more secure with GitLab

Concurrent DevOps

Concurrent DevOps is a new way of thinking about how we create and ship software. Rather than organizing work in a sequence of steps and handoffs, which creates silos, the power of working concurrently is in unleashing collaboration across the organization. In a concurrent world, people have visibility into the entire workflow, process, security, and compliance across the DevOps lifecycle.

GitOps: A foundation for your cloud journey

How GitOps helps with the expansion of infrastructure boundaries

Application Protection

Optimal security of cloud-native applications requires an integrated approach that starts in development and extends to runtime protection.

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The Economic Impact GitLab Does For Your Business. (TEI)

Learn how your business benefits from using a version that is controlled and can collaborate. Continuous integration and continuous delivery for enterprises enabled by GitLab

GitLab Reduced Cycle Time

Streamline Advantage ● Cost savings by streamlining processes. ● Increased competitiveness. ● Increased visibility. No bottlenecks. Faster to Market. 

OpenShift Kubernetes Platform

Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform empowers organizations to modernize their applications and infrastructure, accelerating their digital transformation and fueling growth.

Why automate your network?

While 77% of organizations cite network automation as a high priority, are in the early stages of automation maturity: and 29% are not automating at all.

25% are starting to automate beyond CLIs with basic scripting.

13% are using automation only in test, development, or lab environments.

How to Modernize VMware workloads on IBM Cloud.

Making the move to cloud while maintaining current investments

Turn-Key Bare Metal OpenShift

Li9 provides a complete architecture, installation, and implementation of a hardened, high-availability, high-performance, high-capacity,  and secure solution leveraging OpenShift and Supermicro. 

Best of 2021 – Deploying Kubernetes on Bare Metal

The container ecosystem is booming as organizations work to build flexible environments for accelerated software delivery and easier management of distributed applications.

Although Kubernetes is often associated with the public cloud, it is increasingly deployed in dedicated environments. There are a number of use cases for Kubernetes and there are specific benefits to deploying it on bare metal.

We Bring the DevOps Culture to You

Oftentimes customers try to do everything themselves only to fail time and time again. To truly reap the benefits of DevOps and Agile, the development of your people is essential. We offer in-depth, custom-built training aimed at equipping your teams with vital skills that enhance their competency and professionalize the state of the practice.